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Understanding how to use commands

Do not literally type out < > [ ] | ...

These are just to display information about the arguments.

Some examples of these in use would be:

!rps|rockpaperscissors <choice>

then both of these will execute the command.

!rps <choice>


!rockpaperscissors <choice>

To use the Rock, Paper, Scissors command you would type this:

!rps rock

Understanding command arguments

If you see a command with an argument ending with ... this means that this one argument will accept multiple of the same type of argument one after another. Let's use this kick command for example.

!kick <members>... <reason>

If you want to kick more than one user for the same reason then you would type it like this.

!kick @someone @someoneelse They were annoying me

For this command, you could also use the users' IDs if you don't wish to mention the users. If you are not sure how to get a users ID please check out this article on Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID. For example:

!kick 123456789 987654321

An argument wrapped with [ or ] just means that the argument is optional. For example with the

Global required permissions

Friday requires some permissions for all commands. These include:

  • send_messages
  • read_messages
  • embed_links
  • add_reactions

How to commands


The default prefix for Friday's commands is !, and for commands to execute every command needs this prefix or the custom prefix that you can set with the prefix command.

Slash commands

Friday also supports slash commands. To use these commands, go to any text channel and start typing /, you should be greeted with a list of commands from bots and built-in commands.

Last update: 2022-08-30