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Why is Friday not responding to me

Friday will respond to @mentions, if you reply to a message from Friday or the channel is set to be a chat channel with !chatchannel. If Friday still doesn't respond then please let me know in the #issues channel in the support server

Why is Friday repeating herself?

Because Friday "thinks"/generates her own responses I am not currently sure why this is happening (lol). The current workaround is to use the !reset command, which resets her chat history

How to use the bot?

For commands, they are all listed if you use the command !help or on For chat just mention friday and she will respond to your message

How do I make a channel where I don't need to mention the bot to chat?

The chatchannel command is what you're looking for. !chatchannel #channel and more information on

Last update: 2022-08-30