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Chatting with Friday

Friday is a chatbot so these are the ways to make sure that if Friday has a response that you get that response

  • Mentioning Friday (or using a reply) eg.
@Friday hey, how are you?
hey, what is it like being a bot?

Max message length

By default, Friday has a maximum message length that she will respond to. For free users, this is set to 100 characters. To get longer message length become a patreon

Rate limiting

Friday has a rate limit per user to help reduce spam and keep costs low. The absolute maximum rate limits are not under my control on what they are. Currently, the rate limits are:

  • 30 messages every 12 hours per user for user that have not voted for Friday and not at least a tier 1 Patreon.
  • 60 messages every 12 hours per user for users that have voted.
  • 100 messages every 12 hours per user for members or guilds that are at least a tier 1 Patreon.
  • 6 messages every 20 seconds per user absolute maximum.
  • 180 messages every 1 hour per user absolute maximum.

Using a chat channel

If your server has a set chat channel using the !chatchannel #channel command. You do not need to mention Friday in that channel to talk to her. She will respond to messages without being mentioned.


By default, Friday can understand and speak a lot of languages, whether Friday actually will do this is not up to me unless you use the !language [langauge] command.

If you have changes Friday's language to something other than English with the language command, Friday will speak two languages in the server that you used the command in. One of the languages will be the one that you chose and the other will be English.


Personas are only available to patrons. Friday currently has two personas to choose from: Pirate, where Friday will talk like a pirate, and default where Friday is focused on having a good time chatting to everyone. More personas are planned and in-progress.

Last update: 2022-08-30