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Activate Friday's perks

Activate a server

So you have become a Patreon supporter and would like to receive your benefits. To activate Friday on your server of choosing simply go to that server and use the !patreon server true command. If you were to choose to deactivate please use the !patreon server false command.

To make sure that this command works in the server that you choose, double check the following.

  • You are in the "Friday Development" Discord server
  • You have the Supporting on Patreon role
  • You have the Proper role for your Patreon Tier. The roles will be named something like.
    • One server Patreons
    • Three server Patreons
    • Tier 2 One server Patreons
    • Tier 2 Three server Patreons

If you have checked all of the above and Friday is still not activating, please let me know in the #issues channel of the support server.

Activate for yourself


There is nothing extra you need to do for Fridays user perks to work. Any chat that you can communicate with Friday will have your perks.

Last update: 2022-08-30